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When damage happens, who should you turn to for help? You know you need to file an insurance claim, but the process can be complex and overwhelming. Your insurance company’s adjuster works for their interests not yours. So, how can you make sure you get the settlement you deserve? With Floridian International Adjusters! We’re insurance claims experts that have recovered millions of dollars for homeowners with property damages due to water, fire, hurricane, mold, and more… and we’re ready to fight for you.

Recent Claim Payouts

$1.9 Million

Hurricane Irma

Commercial building located in Miami, FL that
suffered interior & exterior wind damages.


Fire Damage

House fire located in Ft. Lauderdale that
suffered major smoke & fire damage.


Plumbing Leak

Pipe burst in a house that caused major water
damage to walls, flooring & personal contents.

$7 Million

Hurricane Damage

20+ HOA Condominium buildings with 400+
units of damage. Roof and window damages.

We handle all types of insurance claims


Whether your home has been faced with a catastrophic fire, hurricane, or simply has a small leak in the bathroom or kitchen causing mold to grow, Floridian International Adjusters is equipped to handle any residential insurance claim covered under your insurance policy. Speak with a Public Adjuster today.


We collaborate with Homeowner’s Association (HOA) board members & property managers to effectively coordinate and manage condominium insurance claims  by becoming the point of contact for all parties involved. The importance of understanding master policy vs. unit-owner issues and condominium by-laws is essential in resolving complex issues of coverage.

Hotels & Motels

Vacancy issues are one of the many complications hotel & motel owners face after a property loss. You may be faced with a sense of urgency to make property damage repairs and keep your occupants well accommodated to avoid becoming financially burdened. Floridian International Adjusters can successfully assist in preparing a claim management strategy that will prepare you for potential pitfalls.


When navigating through a restaurant property loss claim, you may be faced with many issues involving the scope of property damage repairs, business interruption coverage, health department compliance, building code upgrades, and the loss of employees. Keeping your restaurant open and back in business is imperative before becoming economically challenged.


When investigating property damage to your supermarkets’ building, its upgrades and the loss of inventory and equipment, it is important to thoroughly evaluate the scope of loss to solidify a claim package for your insurance company. Possible pitfalls such as co-insurance clauses can significantly affect an insurance claim pay out and cripple your business if not properly informed.

School Institutions

From universities to early childhood learning centers, Floridian International Adjusters adopts claims handling practices that will ensure your claim is well represented. Issues of maintaining student enrollment, business interruption, business personal property, building & improvements damage and safety requirements become some of the many aspects of an educational institution insurance claim.

Religious Institutions

Insurances claims involving places of worship require careful documentation & review of insurance policy coverage and benefits. When managing these types of insurance claims, it is imperative to focus on the potential of having to temporarily relocate and avoid losing members of your congregation. Floridian International Adjusters assists all faith-based organizations on their insurance claims.


Industrial facility insurance claims require specialized strategies that tailor to the business’s operational needs. Priority lies on resolving problems that come along with building alterations, code compliance, OSHA Standards, Business Interruption, value of stock, retention of employees, and repair & restoration logistics.

Business Interruption

Issues related to period of interruption and amount of time for the period of restoration need to be carefully documented. Floridian International Adjusters collaborates with experienced forensic accountants to ensure a  carefully executed Business Interruption claim presentation for your insurance carrier.

Large Loss

Large loss insurance claims require the expertise and careful preparation from a team of experienced public adjusters. Many insurance companies and their “general adjusters” may not have the experience and proper claim skills to understand the issues related to complex large loss claims.

Equipment Breakdown

If your business has incurred damages to essential equipment such as: motors, pumps, HVAC systems, aircraft machinery, boilers, renewable energy equipment, transformers, refrigerators, copiers or any other machine, our adjusters can assist you with a mechanical breakdown claim. It is crucial to understand the complexities of each piece of equipment and the resulting negative impact on adjoining equipment.

Medical Facility

Medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics involve a combination of several issues. Losses ranging from property damage to the building and its’ alterations, mechanical breakdown of equipment such as CAT scan & MRI equipment, and pitfalls related to business interruption are just some of the many aspects of a complex insurance claim to a medical facility.

Your Insurance has an adjuster, you should have your own.

Floridian International Adjusters services claims for commercial and residential properties.

Speak with a public adjuster today!

Whats Included In Our Services

Our experienced public adjusters will be working with you throughout the whole claims process to ensure that all aspects and issues related to your damaged property are properly addressed to your insurance company. Apart from documenting your loss, when needed Floridian International Adjusters may incorporate experts such as industrial hygienist, engineers, architects, accountants, and appraisers needed to properly adjust and prepare your complex claim. Our comprehensive repair and restoration report will address many issues that your insurance company’s adjuster may overlook or not have the expertise to properly identify and allow for payment of your claim.

Reviewing your Policy

Reviewing the contract of the insurance policy is critical in the early stages. A comprehensive investigation of cause and origin of a loss is performed in order to understand the variables of each specific type of loss. Together with our experts and consultants, we begin to identify, research, examine, estimate, adjust and appraise the overall value of our client’s property loss.

Estimating the Damages

A claims package is prepared involving reports, proposals, estimates, photographs, inventories and other supporting documentation that is constructed to present to the client’s insurance company.  The latest cost estimating software is used in the preparation of reports. A strategy can then be developed for presentation purposes.

Adjusting your Claim

Communication and negotiations with our client’s insurance company is a process that evolves as the claim development is underway. Issues of policy coverage, local, state & federal laws are addressed. Mitigation and reconstruction of building systems are presented and debated with the insurance company’s adjuster.

Maximizing your Settlement

Knowledge of a policyholder’s rights and duties under an insurance policy are imperative when navigating through the complexity of the insurance claim.  Floridian International Adjusters excels in the advocacy of the client. Maximum recovery and indemnity of the policyholder’s property loss is our goal. All avenues and means will be exhausted in making sure that the property owner gets a fair settlement that will return them to “Pre-Loss” conditions.

Why hire a public adjuster to represent you?

Independent studies have shown that policyholders who used a public adjuster on catastrophe losses increased their claim settlement by up to 747% – OPPAGA Report

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